Full Name
Dr. Eseosa Ighodaro, M.D, Ph.D.
Neurology Resident Physician and Neuroscientist, Mayo Clinic
Speaker Bio
Hello Everyone! My name is Dr. Eseosa Ighodaro M.D, Ph.D. I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and then moved to Rochester, Minnesota in 2019. I currently work for Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN as a neurology resident and a neuroscientist as well. My degrees that I majored in at the University of Kentucky are neurology physician, neuroscientist, and health advocate. I am the first African-American female to graduate out of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine’s MD/PhD program in 2019. It was definitely a lot of hard work, but I loved every opportunity that was given to me. If you would like to learn more about my mission in life with racial disparities in the medical field. Please check out my social media pages list below. I talk about many topics about the medical fields and have educational videos for everyone to enjoy on my social pages.
Dr. Eseosa Ighodaro, M.D, Ph.D.