Full Name
Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D.
Founder and Chief Director, Center for BrainHealth, Dee Wyly Distinguished University Professor Behavioral and Brain Sciences at The University of Texas at Dallas
Speaker Bio
One of the nation's preeminent cognitive neuroscientists furthering our understanding of what makes the brain stronger, faster, last longer, Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, is committed to enhancing human cognitive capacity and the underlying brain systems across the lifespan.

A cognitive neuroscientist with 50+ funded research grants, 200+ publications and a book, Make Your Brain Smarter, Dr. Chapman is defining, measuring, improving and scaling brain health fitness protocols to reach people around the world.

Dr. Chapman is co-creator of The Brain Health Project, a collaboration with 30 of the world's leading brain health experts focused on harnessing the brain's potential to lengthen and strengthen its functionality. She sees the brain as the most significant path to solving the complexity of global crises and raising the standard of living worldwide and coined the term "brainomics" to define the high economic cost of low brain performance.
Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D.